Award of Excellence from the Franco-German University

On January 24, 2019, I have had the honor of receiving an award of Excellence from the Franco-German University.

The Prix d’Excellence (Awards of Excellence) aim to reward graduates of the Franco-German University having demonstrated their excellence at the scientific and intercultural levels.

The award ceremony took place at the French Embassy in Berlin, with the Ambassador of France in Germany: Anne-Marie Descôtes, and French and German representatives from the industry and the academia. My award has been funded by the FNTP: Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (National Federation of Public Works). Dieter Babiel, General Manager of the Confederation of the German Building Industry, gave it to me in person, on behalf of the FNTP.

I am truly pleased to be one of the recipients of this award. It was a wonderful experience: I have met inspiring people and even had stimulating talks about my research. I also took advantage of the trip to visit Berlin as it was the first time, I have had the chance to go there.

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Photo From left to right: David Capitant, President of the French-German University (DFH-UFA), Mathieu Gaillard (INSA Lyon/Universität Passau), Johannes Marvin Eckhardt (CentralSupélec Paris/Technische Universität Dresden), Dieter Babiel, General Manager of the Confederation of the German Building Industry) and Olivier Mentz, Vicepresident of the DFH-UFA.

Picture credits: Jacek Ruta/DFH-UFA

Translation of the press release:

In cooperation with its partners from the business world, the Franco-German University (UFA) will reward on January 24 at the Embassy of France in Berlin its most brilliant graduates and young doctors.

Every year, more than 1,500 students complete their studies in a Franco-German course supported by the UFA. They speak at least three languages, benefit from intercultural skills and have learned to evolve in an international context. In addition to its 180 bi-national integrated curricula, the UFA also supports various programs in the field of cross-border research and thus encourages the mobility of young PhDs.

With the Prix d’Excellence and the Prix de la Meilleure Thèse, the UFA and its partners have been rewarding for over ten years the remarkable performances of graduates and young PhDs who have completed their university courses under the aegis of the UFA. Through these distinctions, the UFA reaffirms one of its major objectives: to promote access to employment for young graduates from all disciplines and to link companies and institutions on both sides of the Rhine with excellent graduates and young PhDs with proven intercultural skills, motivation and ability to take on challenges. This year, eleven Prix d’Excellence will be awarded, each with a prize of 1,500€, as well as three Prix de la Meilleure Thèse with 4,500€. These awards are supported by economic actors from different sectors.


The award ceremony will be held at the French Embassy in Berlin, in the presence of Her Excellency Anne-Marie Descôtes, Ambassador of France to Germany, as well as many personalities from the worlds of politics, economics and academia.