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I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University in the United States. My advisor is Bedrich Benes and I am a research assistant at the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab (CGVLab). My research is about 3D reconstruction and automatic measurement of plants. More generally, I am interested in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Computational Optimization. During summer semesters, I usually work for industry research labs. So far, I interned at Siemens and Adobe Research. Previously, I completed a double degree at INSA Lyon in France and University of Passau in Germany.

Mathieu Gaillard

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Je suis actuellement doctorant à l’université Purdue aux Etat-Unis, supervisé par Bedrich Benes au sein du Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab (CGVLab). Je travaille principalement sur la reconstruction 3D de plantes. De manière générale, je m’intéresse à l’informatique graphique, la vision par ordinateur et l’optimisation. Pendant les vacances d’été, je fais des stages dans des laboratoires de recherche privés. Pour le moment, j’ai travaillé pour Siemens et Adobe Research. Auparavant, j’ai été diplômé du département informatique de l’INSA de Lyon en France et de l’université Passau en Allemagne.

Selected work

We introduce a procedural function that generates dendritic patterns and is locally computable. The function is controlled by parameters such as the level of branching, the degree of local smoothing, random seeding and local disturbance parameters, and the range of the branching angles. It is also controlled by a global control function that defines the overall shape and can be used, for example, to initialize local minima. The algorithm returns the distance to a tree structure which is implicitly constructed on the fly, while requiring a small memory footprint. The evaluation can be performed in parallel for multiple points and scales linearly with the number of cores. We demonstrate an application of our model to the generation of terrain heighfields with consistent river networks.

Click on the canvas to control the trackball camera. Hit escape to release control and resume animation.

Gaillard, M., Benes, B., Guérin, E., Galin, E., Rohmer, D., & Cani, M. P. (2019, May). Dendry: a procedural model for dendritic patterns. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (p. 16). ACM.


Terrain Viewer Widget

A turnkey Qt Widget to display a terrain in 3D. Tessellation is used to efficiently display the terrain, so that it runs in real time even on low-end hardware. A very efficient algorithm to approximate global illumination has been implemented based on this paper: Timonen, Ville, and Jan Westerholm. "Scalable Height Field Self‐Shadowing." Computer Graphics Forum. Vol. 29. No. 2. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2010.